Manchester United Fans Make #GlazersOut Number One UK Twitter Trend


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Manchester United fans have created an online movement against the Glazer family through social media by setting ‘#GlazersOut’ as the number one trend in the United Kingdom.

The Glazers involvement with United stems from Malcom Glazer buying a stake in 2003, and by 2005, the family had increased their involvement by owning 98% of the club, having taken out loans to do so.

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United fans have shared their displeasure since the takeover happened, and the unrest has only increased throughout years under Glazer ownership, with attention turning towards Ed Woodward recently, who helped the Glazers in their takeover of the club and was personally appointed by the family following its completion.

‘#UnfollowManUnited’ was another movement that fans had started on social media earlier this year, with the idea being that the club focus on the commercial side far more than the footballing side, and an attempt to damage it was created, but ultimately failed.

However, the newly-created stand against the Glazers has taken off rapidly, with the hashtag ‘#GlazersOut’ becoming the number one UK trend on social media platform Twitter. At 22:42pm on Wednesday evening, the hashtag had been tweeted over 60,000 times and was within the top three worldwide trends.

With the number of United fans on social media all around the world, the chances of the club and Woodward himself, a Glazer favourite, being unaware of the movement is highly unlikely. Many opted against the ‘UnfollowManUnited’ suggestion, but it seems the latest protest has caught on amongst fans and long may it continue.

Examples of the hashtag can be seen below, with UK artist SantanDave even getting involved:


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