Fred Reveals Why He’s Struggled At Manchester United So Far


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Manchester United midfielder Fred has revealed the adaptation period when moving to the Premier League has been the reason behind his poor form since he arrived at Old Trafford from Shakhtar Donetsk in 2018.

The Brazilian started in United’s 1-1 draw with Liverpool last week and was heavily praised by many fans for his performance, perhaps his best since Paris Saint-Germain away.

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In an interview with the Telegraph, the 26-year-old insists he’s settled in Manchester now and the best is yet to come, saying: “My first season was difficult but that is normal when a footballer changes league. The Ukrainian league isn’t as strong as the Premier League. It’s faster and more physical here.”

“You need to start games strongly and finish them strongly. It’s the full force for 90 minutes, but it takes time to adapt to English football when you come from Ukraine, even though I was playing against some of the best teams in the Champions League, but I believe I am adapting.”

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“I’m learning day by day. I feel like I’m getting better. I have a big heart. I will play better,” he said. “I like Manchester. My family are here and they like it too. They are speaking English. I’m having English classes, too, but it’s not possible all the time because we travel a lot but we speak lots of languages here.”

“I have a good relationship with the manager and the coaches. I speak to the coach [Mike Phelan] every day. And to Michael [Carrick] and Kieran [McKenna]. Michael played in my position, so he knows what he is saying. They are always encouraging me and I feel the support of fans, too. And I thank them for that.”

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